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Matt and Alykhan are the most encouraging and supportive coaches I’ve ever had the privilege of playing for. They cared for me not only as one of their players, but cared about me as an individual, and helped me with whatever issue I was having that day. These two coaches are so passionate and love the sport of volleyball, but they also love being able to mentor each athlete, which was evident throughout the season. While playing for Matt and Alykhan, I was able to gain confidence in myself on and off the court by working on my mental game, as well as improve on my skills and become a smarter player physically. Even after I am no longer able to play club volleyball, I keep in touch with them and they continue to check in with me. Matt and Alykhan were able to make practices fun while making us work hard, and created an environment that I was able to look forward to every week.

Natalie Laser

I’ll be honest, being coached by Alykhan & Matt had helped me reach my potential as a player. They are intentional, impactful and have incredible integrity in their positions. Within the first three months of playing for them, I had grown exponentially in my skill and ultimately in my confidence. I have a high challenge-drive, and they were always ready to direct my focus on what I could work on next. They push their players to see them succeed and thrive in their individual strengths, knowing what each athlete brings to the court. The best part is, they have fun through training! There are not too many practices I can remember that did not have a little bit of humour involved, if not a lot! I am forever grateful for the influence they have both had in my journey as an athlete.

Chloe Pilon

I cannot explain the amount of fun I’ve had playing for these coaches. Matt and Alykhan love the sport themselves and help me, as an athlete, become better and love this game more than I already do. They push their athletes hard, but make it fun along the way. These two coaches are the best I’ve ever had. They care about you as an athlete and an individual. If you get down, they’re right there to boost you back up again. Throughout the seasons I played for them, they helped me develop my mental and physical game and I could not be more grateful. I feel so privileged to have played for Matt and Alykhan

Quinn Thompson