About Us

Our Mission

To provide excellent, quality coaching and role modelling in a positive, encouraging and supportive environment. We support our young athletes in their desire to achieve their potential, by providing them with the tools necessary to find success at any level, both on and off the court.

Our Philosophy

At NWVC we strive to create a focus that promotes long-term athlete development. We advocate family values, wherein we create safe and long lasting relationships that extend beyond the volleyball court for players, parents, and alumni.

We maintain a strong commitment to using effective methods of teaching by placing our athletes first. Our coaching staff constantly encourage and push athletes to strive for better results. We want our athletes to have the skills and aptitude needed to succeed in the sport of volleyball and the knowledge and methods to consistently better themselves both mentally and physically.

This club focuses on the personal and athletic development of each individual player. We teach our athletes the importance of mental preparation, proper nutrition, and physical fitness. The court is our place to teach sportsmanship, team dynamics, leadership, hard work, communication, responsibility, and character.

The NWVC philosophy is to use the sport of volleyball to not only develop players but to foster growth. We help grow individual personalities, athletes, teammates, and future leaders within our communities.


Our Vision

To continually provide a premier training program dedicated to promoting both volleyball excellence for each athlete and a life-long love of the sport. We believe that volleyball is more than just a sport; it is an avenue for growth and empowerment through team dynamics and leadership.